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With the supporting branches & community of Widow Reborn, you WILL blossom

Widow Reborn is a support group for widows (widow being a broad term, covering any woman who has gone through the trauma of losing a life partner).

The aim is to bring happiness and colour back into life, replacing the numbness and isolation caused by the trauma of loss, through sharing information and ideas.

As Widow Reborn grows, it will become a community of supportive women who have experienced loss and who are now expanding their lives out around their grief.


You can explore the site by navigating using the menu above or by clicking on the buttons across the site, which will take you to the Facebook group and the blog.

Through mutual support and understanding of our shared experiences, we can help each other to find joy, happiness and vibrancy and bring colour back into our lives.




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Widow in Waiting aims to bring together relevant information and resources to help maximise your time, saving you from having to do your own lengthy research into the end-of-life process.

Your focus can then be spent on maximising and sharing that precious time with your partner.

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